Superbet Rules

Superbet Rules


Superbet rules are intended to define the Terms and Conditions that apply to all wagers accepted by Superbet (the ‘Website’) and on any website powered by Superbet sportsbook. Superbet sports betting rules cover maximum winnings and the range of bets and betting opportunities. Furthermore, Superbet sportsbook rules detail how errors by Superbet sportsbook staff or yourself, are dealt with in accepting and settling your wager. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of these rules and the terms upon which your wagers are accepted. Any amendments to these rules will be displayed on the Superbet website and changes will be emailed to customers, whenever possible. Irrespective of this, the onus is still on the customer to keep abreast of any changes. Please note that any additional information detailed at the top or bottom of events and odds displays or in ‘i’ (information) boxes, forms part of the betting rules. In the event of any disparity, please note that any such additional information will supercede the Superbet online sportsbook betting rules.

Superbet Sportsbook Betting Coverage
Except where specified in the Superbet betting rules for each sport, where the official result of a market is a tie and no price was quoted for that eventuality, all bets on participants involved in the tie will be void and stakes will be returned. Unless stated otherwise within Superbet specific rules for each sport, the result of a match or event will be determined on the day of its conclusion for sportsbook betting purposes, subject to confirmation by the relevant sport’s governing body. Any subsequent enquiry that may result in an overturned decision will not be recognized by Superbet internet sportsbook and original settlement of bets will stand. If the venue for a sporting event is changed, all sportsbook bets placed based on the original venue will be made void and stakes refunded.