Superbet Financials Allows You to Bet on the Financial Markets

Superbet financials

Superbet Financials


Financials betting is now on offer at Superbet. Choose from a wide range of markets and bet types. You can bet on Financials every weekday from 08:00 until 21:00.  Financials at Superbet covers indices on the FTSE and Wall Street with betting on three currency pairs – EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY – also available. For the FTSE there is the option to bet on three time periods – 5 Minutes, Hourly or Daily, while Wall Street offers Hourly or Daily.

Markets and Bet Types

Within each market we offer odds on the finish level of the market, where you decide if the market will finish higher or lower than the current figure, as well as range bets, where you can place bets on numerous levels within the market.

Betting on Financials

For each bet type there are 12 different strike levels available at any one time. If the market moves significantly during the period, we adjust the levels offered so you can choose from an attractive range of prices.  You can choose to bet Yes or No for each strike level, taking the odds displayed. This means you can be a bull or a bear, or switch between the two as you wish.  Superbet Financials has you covered!

More Features

You can follow how the market has moved recently by checking out the graph which is shown on each Superbet Financials betting page. You also have the option to close your bet early – taking a profit or loss – if you don’t want to wait until the market finishes. Winnings are returned to your account instantly.